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05 December 2004 @ 03:37 pm
Permission Slip  
2day mesa bought x-mas presents 4everyone! (well mostly everyone)
Jezzica: John Mayer - Heavier Things
Veronica: Care Munky (yellow)
Peachy-keen: Care Puppy (blue)
Jimmy: Chocolate...ball
Amanda: Chocolate...ball
and im tryin 2get Ashlynn
Greenday - American Idiot
but it had Parental Advisory so mesa mommy said "no u cant get it i dont wanna get a call from her parent sayin im iresponsible 4 lettin u get her a cd w/ bad words in it"
so i askeded if i asked ashy-lynn if it waz ok 2get it 4her and dey sayz th@ i gotta get a signed permission slip from her parent or Guardian(lol)!
how weird iz dat??
but i know she really likes Greenday so ima gonna ask her if she wants another Greenday cd like
International Superhits
well anyway ppl whom i said wut i got u...it waz all a lie i got u NOTHING!!
i still needta get somthin 4 Vannesser, Fanfan, and som other ppl!
somone needz ta tell me who i 4gotted!
o n' ppl lookin 2get me somthin! i want
afi -Sing the Sorrow (cd case ya didnt kno)
afi - A.F.I
pink hoop earringz!
Nightmare b4 x-mas
or Pink & black
(stuff th@ i would want ppl!)

afi rox
Current Mood: chipperthey'll never kno wut i got em
Current Music: Bleed Black -afi
Yikity Yikity bahbah! aka Noodle, or Senor Beanercheekimo on December 5th, 2004 11:36 pm (UTC)
The john mayer cd!!!
Thanz Kelp so much!!!! i wanted that so bad!!!! you absolutely kick ass!!!!!!!
-much luv from the chub