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29 November 2004 @ 06:07 pm
Linkin Park has ma Cell  
lmao i had....an awesome dream!
it waz lunch @skool
our skool looked....totally "neato" it waz like a city it waz HUGE!!!!
and everone waz eatin n talkin everyone waz so happy. Then da bell rang and da princple came on da intercom and said
"Attention students i would like 2 anounce th@ your passing period will be reduced to 3 minutes
let the race begin!"
and we all took off
i ran w/ Noodle cuz we had da same class.
so we turned right, passed da dolphins then passed da giant hotdog...
then we were lost
(our skool is a city member!)
so nooldles is all like
"AHH! we're almost outta tym!"
so we're like runnin EVERYWHERE! lookin 4somthing tha looks familiar
da tarty bell rings
and we're all like
"aww....we didnt make it...."
so noodles suggest
"hey, Why dont we ditch!"
and im all like
after th@ im suddenly walking on an abandoned train track talking to noodle on a cell!
(its not my cell!)
and im all like
"grr! i cant find ma damn cell phone!!"
and noodles is all like
"that totally sux! ur momz gonna kill you!
and im all like
"i know i know!" (starting 2panic)
so then i stop cuz i hear da sound of a lawn mower
n im all like
then around da corner comes
Mike Shinoda
(da rapper in Linkin Park)
and he's driving one a dem lawn mower carz
and he stops righ in front a me
and hes all like
"hello miss! i couldnt help over hearing your conversation! you lost your cell phone?"
and im all like
"yea...have u seen it?? its um...small and...like um...light blue!"
(not actuall cell phone! its my imaginary cell! only exists in ma dreams)
and he sayz
"hmm......no im sorry, i havent!"
and im all like
"oh.....thanks anyway...." (all dissapointed like)
and he sayz
"Wait! I'm sure me and the boys will help you find it!"
so he honks his horn which is for some reason on his mower
then ALL da ppl in Linkin Park pop outta nowhere
Then chester
(da guy who screams in Linkin Park)
holds out his hand and gives me my imaginary cell
and im all like
"gee wiz!"
ima all like
"oh kewly!! Thanks ya guyz!!"
and theyre all like
"No Problem Kelsey! just remember Dont do drugs and go back to school!"
(lol they say it all @da same tym! lol)
and im all like
"ur right...i ditched and that waz wrong...Thanks u guyz....im goin back 2skool"
so then they all hop on da magic mower and drive away...very slowly....

Current Mood: amusedThat dream waz so real
Current Music: Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
Yikity Yikity bahbah! aka Noodle, or Senor Beanercheekimo on November 29th, 2004 08:20 pm (UTC)
OMG i'm in your dream!!! that's so cool!!!!! miso happy EEEE!!!!