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29 November 2004 @ 05:36 pm
ow ow owie!! my feeties hurty!! waaah!! stooped passer test! grrr.....

well anyway!! 2day waz da day we all came back 2skool afta a gweat holiday! 2day waz kewly! i waz a lil sad th@ Oodlez a' noodlez waznt there... i o so miss her....
Travis waz weird 2day 2...he waz like.......avoiding us...
in spanish there waz nowhere 2 run! he didnt wanna sit where he normally did...cuz Ashlynn waz there and he probly thinks we're mad @himz...and if he sat there we would jump em....lol
well everything waz almost normallz @lunch. Travis ated w/ his ppl (including bryanna) then near da end a' lunch they all came ova 2 hang w/da kewlykewlykewlkroud! (us of course!!)
then Fanny came n' told Travis she didnt like him and she wanted him 2leave
and he waz all like
"ok!" (all happyhappyhappish!)
and he just....TOOK OFF
he like....lol....SPRINTED away!
well ma fwendyfwnedyfwend PEACHY-KEEEEN!! said she sawz him and he waz all alone....shouldnt have tooken off
Sir Loner


i missed ya Oodlez a' Noodlez!
hope ya here 2morrow!

oh n' some a' ma ppl got me Birthday pwezents!
lets seez...i got....
This kickass necklace from Fanny
(its all stary n' what not)
oh and a (heavy) pen
aka "da pen of knowledge"
also fwom Fanfan

i got a suppa sparkley purty necklace
(it got a blingbling "k" on it)
fwom Veronica n' noodle
how thoughtful!
that tootally awesome
i feel loved!

Current Mood: cheerfulYo ma Papa! Papa Roach!
Current Music: Getting Away With Murder - Papa Roach