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26 November 2004 @ 12:39 pm
hooha! i got some new stankyness!
its called um....
**reading the bottle**
Lilu i got it from Pac sun!
my sista got some new stankyness 2! its called pink and im totally jelouse it smellz...
so good
but it waz $48.89 bucks! i could never afford th@! but she must'v really wanted it. if she spent th@ kinda monya on it!
but wut doya expect from a fancy store like
Victoria's Secret
well anyway, 2day waz da 1st day of x-mas shopping and i only bought somthin 4my mommy!
(i didnt even pay 4da whole thing)
they waz a pair of fancy-shmancy gold (textured) hoop earringz.
it took us sooo long to find da right pair!!
dammit, when it comes to jewlery my mom hasta have the RIGHT pair. it cant be a lil big or not textured!
but we found them and im sure she'll love them!
now all ma daddy hasta do is find some fancy Ruby earrings

good luck with that dad!!
Current Mood: amusedi stank good!
Current Music: Vitamin r - Chevelle