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04 December 2004 @ 05:06 pm
Anime Identities  
lol though the title makes no sense of wut im talkin bout i couldnt help but type it in.....
2day i spented most of da day tryin 2draw Ashlynn...in anime form!
it doesnt....well it sorta looks like her
(im swelling w/pride lmao) hooha! but i still need ta draw Veronicoocoo, Jimbat and....maybe ill do a...
self portrait!...sounds like fon i mean fun....yea fun
hmm....i feel like im missin someone
and no its notta Jezzyjezzyjezzica! i already drewed her....a loooooong tymz ago!

hmm....now th@ i think about it...the title kinda does make sense!

Current Mood: creativehey i dont read the paper!!
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