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11 December 2004 @ 11:28 am
The Last of the Gifts  
**phew** i only have a few more pwezents 2buy 4 ppl!
(Christmas shopping alomost over!!)
all i gotta buy iz
Greenday - International Superhits (4 ashy-lynn!)
and she also wants a Sketchbook of my drawingz....that'll take some tym (i should get started)
umm.....Fanfan wants a HIM cd....but i dont think they sell HIM @Target (which iz da only place ima goin!)
Vannesser wants a carebear or a caremunky
and......i think th@s it!
ifa ima missina someonea pleasa notifya mea asa sonea asa possible...a Thankyaz!!
Current Mood: hornyhorny (lol)
Current Music: I'm not ok (i promise) - My chemical Romance